Fight Tutorial For Your Dogs

Losing is not in the vocabulary of some dogs, especially fighting with cats. If one cat steals their bed, they will do anything to get their stolen beds back. However, it can be such a challenge if the thief happens to be a cat. We know that canines are afraid of cats’ claws. Hence, it can be very hard to get back their beds without getting scratched. But some dogs are just smarter than the others. If they can’t win by physically fighting with the cat, they try other options, even if it requires pulling the bed all over the house until the cat will fall from it. This only shows that dogs can outsmart even the cat specially when claiming back its property.

The term “finders keepers” is a principle embraced by cats. This is evident when they steal dog beds. They can lie there all day despite the bed owner ranting around to get it back. In fact, it takes pushing the cat to make it get off from the bed. But how can this be done by dogs without being hurt by the cat’s claws? Well, if the bed is cushioned by a separate material then canines can use this as a shield from the cat’s claws. And the trick is for the dogs to get inside the bed, hide underneath the cushion and push it until it can gain more space than the cat. Eventually, the cat will get off and the dog can peacefully rest on its bed again.

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