How to Toilet Train Your Dog

The most frustrating part of being a dog pet parent is finding it messing in various parts of your house. Worse is finding your dog’s clutter on your carpet and even on your bed. Below are some of the tips on how to address these issues.

Start Toilet Training While Your Dog Is Young

As with humans, the best time to train a dog is when it is still young. However, this does not mean that you can no longer train an adult dog. But it would be best to toilet train puppies so they can grow having the right behaviour.

How to Start

Dogs usually pee or poop 30 minutes after eating, after waking up, after playing or after hours of confinement. For puppies, urinating may be done every two hours. Sometimes, this becomes even more frequent when it gets excited and playful. Intervals may vary from one dog to another. Hence, as a pet owner, you need to know your dog’s schedule. You have to keep notes of the usual interval that it takes before they let go. This way, you will know if when will be the best time to take them out to the garden where they can release their clutters.

The Best Place

The best place to toilet train your dog is outside. This can be on your backyard or garden. Take your pet there when it is about to let go. Hence, it pays to know its potty schedules. Use same words which serve as a go signal. It can be “get busy”. Hence, every time you say these words, your dog will begin to squat and release its clutters. Stop coaching once you noticed that it is starting to do its thing. When done, reward your dog with some treats and recognize its behaviour. If you keep on repeating this, your dog will eventually know where and when to let go of its mess.

Points to Remember

You may be tempted to punish your dog when it pees on your bed or clutters on your carpet. However, this will not help. Your furry friend will then be scared to release its mess in your presence. Hence, it will be more difficult for you to toilet train it, even outside. Sometimes, you may want to toilet train it inside your house so you will know that it will do its thing on a specific corner when you are away and your dog is left at home on its own. To do this, you can place a newspaper across the place where you place its food. Once the dog pees on this area, you can give it a treat to suggest that this is what you want you want your dog to do. Eventually, the dog will get the cue that this is where you want it to release its clutters.

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