How to Clean Dog Stains and Odors from Carpet

As spring and cooler weather fast approaches pet owners share the same problems and that is dealing with worsening carpet and rug odors not to mention the tough stains left on them. And most often than not, the most common culprits are their pets. Hence, the next question is, how to revive the fresh smells of these fixtures and how to make them look clean and fresh once again. Below are some suggested ways to do it.

Invest on a Good Product

There are many odor and pet stain removal products but we know that not all of them work as claimed. There are some that only come with good ads but in reality, they can’t do so much with your pet’s marks and odors. Bissell’s SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner can be your best pick. This company is willing to team up with you in getting rid of your dog’s mess. It can remove even the toughest dog stain and odor that you know of. Whether you want some help in cleaning your dog’s bowl or freshen up your floor, Bissell’s SpotBot Pet Deep Cleaner has you covered.

The Natural Way

If you feel that synthetic ingredients found in commercial carpet cleaners are not good for you and your dog’s health, then you can turn to its natural alternative. However, make sure that you try out your home made formula on a small cloth that is no longer used first. This way, you will be alarmed beforehand whether this will not discolour or cause your carpet to fade. To make a whipped carpet cleaner, you can mix a liquid detergent and water in equal parts and work on it till it becomes frothy with a hand beater. Scoop some of it on the portion of the rug with dog stains, wipe it dry and you are good to go.

Use a Home Made Pet Odor Neutralizer

You can also apply a mixture of borax and pure essential oil to your carpet to neutralize odor. To do this, mix 2 cups of borax and 25 drops of pure essential oil. You can buy borax from your local grocery store’s laundry section. After mixing these 2 ingredients well, apply them on the portion of your carpet that has dog stains on it. Leave it there for a few minutes before drying your carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Indeed it can be such a pain to deal with your dog’s mess, especially if it deprives you from having a fresh and clean home. However, you need to know that there are easy ways to solve these issues. And the truth is, you can always have a fresh place to stay and keep your pet at the same time.

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