Best Sheltie Dog Bed

A Shetland sheepdog is a long-haired canine. This small to medium sized dog is rough-coated but loved by many because it is smart, energetic and most of all, playful. Apart from that, it is also a working dog, hence very useful for both work and play. That is why it deserves the best dog bed where it can rest as it re-charges for another active day ahead.

Choosing the best bed for Shetland Sheepdog

Maybe it’s about time for you to buy your dog its own bed. However, choosing can be hard. But as long as you know what to look for, you will end up making the right purchase. Choose a bed that will help your furry friend beat the coldness of winter. It must offer a cuddly feel as your dog curls up to keep itself warm. However, it does not mean that the space should be restrictive since your pet also needs to feel the breeze of summer to keep it comfortable during hot summer nights. Most of all, the bed must give your dog the feeling of security and wouldn’t feel like he is confined in a prison or den. Below are examples of top selling dog beds that you may consider buying.

K&H Manufacturing Bolster Couch

Luxury and comfort are two things that this type of dog bed can offer. It has elegant microsuede cover added with polytfil stuffing which makes it very cozy to use. This comes in 2 colors and sizes. You can choose among its small and large size as well as its mocha-tan and gray-blue selections. Also, it is designed with removable cover and liner. Hence, it is easy to wash and care. But the most interesting part of this item is its materials. Its fill materials come from recycled bottles. Hence, by taking care of your dog, you are indirectly taking care of the environment as well.

Makes a great bed for dogsMaterials are not resistant against dog chewing
Great for indoor useNot durable enough for outdoor use

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Large Brunswick Green

Its portability makes it ideal for use indoor and outdoor. Since it is elevated from the ground, it has its cooling feature. This is made from waterproof materials and made to be scratch proof. It comes with a removable cover, making it very easy to clean. It is also made of knitted fabrics. And because it is foldable, you can bring it with you when you spend some time with your dog outdoor.

Keeps your dog away from fleasMaterial does not last long
Cool to use
Can be used outdoor


Indeed it is nice to have a playful and energetic dog like Shetlands. However, they need to be cared well to make sure that they stay comfortable and healthy. Certain things have to be considered like the choice of their bed. Their double, long coat makes them prone to fur stuck that’s why they should have vinyl weaved bed. And if you own more than one sheltie, you have to buy a big bed that accommodates all of them since they don’t only love playing together but sleeping together as well. Certain brands of bed proved to meet the sheltie’s needs like K&H Manufacturing Bolster Couch and Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed Large Brunswick Green. Hence, it’s worthy starting your shopping with these two.

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