Best Dog Houses for Labrador Retrievers

Dogs are naturally destructive. But Labrador Retrievers just go extreme when it comes to this matter. In fact, they are called as “mouthy dogs” since they literally chew anything they find, especially when they get bored. As they grow older, they get bigger too with matured teeth which give them the capacity to wreck your place. And you have to deal with this type of attitude until they turn 2 years old. Hence, it makes sense to provide them their own place to stay. If keeping the dog out gives you the peace of mind, knowing that your things are safe, then you have the responsibility to keep it comfortable. Hence, buying a dog house is essential.

Factors to Look for When Buying a Dog House

There are so many things you need to consider when buying a dog house. One is the size of your dog. This will determine the size of the house you will need to buy too. You must also check the weather where the dog house will be placed. With this, you know what type of design to buy to protect your pet from all environmental elements. Also know where to place the dog house. Of course, if you intend to keep it inside your home, you must customize this so it will blend well with the rest of your home’s fixtures.

Best Choice of Dog House for Labrador Retriever

At birth, a Labrador Retriever only weighs around a pound. However, wait in the next few days and you will be surprised to witness how a petite dog can turn into a huge one. In its adulthood, it could weigh to as much as 75 pounds. And though Labrador Retrievers are known to grow very fast, their growth can vary in different rates. This will depend on the dog’s genes, diet or if it was neutered or spayed. Bottom line is; you need to consider your dog’s size when buying a house for him. This means you have to go beyond the conventional dog house that you know of. Make sure that the door is big enough for the dog to fit too. In general, a house that measures 30% more than the dog’s length will be the perfect fit. And this must be 50% taller than the dog as well.

Top Dog Houses You can Consider to Buy

When you want to buy a dog house for your lovely dog, it’s usually hard to choice. One buying tip is reading reviews before you make the purchase. We already mentioned about several factors to check when choosing the house. Following houses we list here is a reference for you.

 Precision Pet Extreme Log CabinPetsfit Dog House for Big DogsPetmate Indigo Dog House
MaterialCederKiln Dried CederHeavy duty structural foam
Weight90 pounds140 pounds90 pounds
ProtectionAll elementsAll elementsAll elements

Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin

If you are concerned about harsh weather elements, then Precision Pet Extreme Log Cabin offers the protection that you want for your pet. This is built using solid wood construction with weather resistant coating. The roof is slanted and its asphalt surface reels water. Its center entrance was designed to protect the dog from outside elements. It comes with adjustable plastic feet which will remain dry during rainy season. It also blends well with the natural look of your yard, thanks to its cedar finish that gives the dog house a natural touch.

Perfect for rainy or snowy weatherUnequal floor boards with gaps in between them
Easy to install

Petsfit Dog House for Big Dogs

If your dog weighs more than 140 pounds then this type of dog house will be your best pick. The good thing about its design is its easy cleaning feature. It comes with a hinged roof and removable floor. The slanted roof with groove design allows good drainage with eave shields that will protect your pet from the weather. Its raised floor will also protect your dog from moisture. The door flap will give the dog privacy that it needs. It uses kiln dried cedar with natural color stain treatment. And don’t worry with the installation since it has pre-drilled holes.

Best for big dogsSlight gaps found on its floor
Easy installation feature

Petmate Indigo Dog House

If you choose this igloo-shaped dog house, make sure that your dog is not more than 17 inches tall and 26 inches in length, otherwise it will not fit well in this fixture. It is important that there will still be room for your pet to stand up and turn while inside this dog house. A bigger space will make sleep comfortable too. The main feature of Petmate Indigo Dog House is its offset and extended doorway. This is meant to protect your pet from wind and rain. You will also notice a hole on its roof which serves as a ventilation to allow air to continuously flow inside it. And don’t worry, since it is built with heavy duty materials, it will be sturdy enough to resist outdoor elements. It is made of microban so it will remain stain free and odor free. It also resists mildew and molds. Installing Petmate comes very easy too. In fact, you won’t need any tools to set it up. It’s a top of the line product, making it worth your investment.

Very spacious interior• Rain enters through its front entrance but if you rig something up, it will resolve the issue.
Durable and with superb qualityDifficult to move around due to its shape.

Final Words

Labrador Retriever may look big and bulky. But it doesn’t mean that they can never be pampered and confined inside a dog house. In fact, keeping them in one place protects your house fixtures safe from their destructive mouth. But more than that, it keeps them safe from environmental elements too. Just make sure that you consider the dog’s size, protection and its needed house design so your dog can take full advantage of its own abode. After all, it’s your dog’s welfare that matters most.

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