Best Dog Crate For Great Dane

Dog crates are perceived in many ways. Some pet owners feel that the confinement in itself shows cruelty to the animal. However, you need to know that a lot of dogs consider crates as their safe haven. Dogs love to have their own place where they won’t be bothered. They often resort to this place when they are nervous or tired. And the truth is; being in a den is a natural instinct common among dogs. All it takes is to use crates in a positive manner so the dog will love it. Doing the opposite will trigger the dog’s resentment towards it.

What’s Dog Crate

A dog crate is an enclosure made of wire, metal, fabric or plastic. It is built to provide security for the dog and often used during transportation. Dogs are den dwellers and they love to have something where they can go to in times when they need a place for refuge. The crate will also serve as the only familiar place they can hold on to, especially when travelling to a new place. Hence, they can consider this as their home.

Types of Dog Crate

Dog crates comes in 5 main types:

Plastic Dog Crate

This is your best option if you want a sturdier crate than the soft sided type of dog crate. Unlike the metal wire types, this provides privacy to your dog too.

Softy Sided Dog Crate

Its walls are made of mesh materials. This is ideal to use when you take your dog for a car or airplane ride. This is often the approved type of dog crates that are allowed for cabin use. And since this is light, it is very portable to carry around too. Its foldable feature makes it easy to keep when not in use.

Wire or Metal Dog Crate

This is foldable, making it easy to carry during transport. It is also designed with easy cleaning feature since its bottom tray can be slide out when needed to be cleaned. But the biggest advantage of this type is its open air design, making it comfortable to use, especially during hot and dry season.

Decorative or Wooden Dog Crate

It easily blends with the fixtures of your home. In fact, it can be used as a shelf or end table as well.

Combination Dog Crate

This is made of plastic and metal. It comes with wheels for easy transport and comes with easy exit and entry doors.

How to choose the right crates for Great Danes

Two things need to be remembered when buying dog crates for Great Danes and among these are materials used and size. Choose wire crates too over their fabric and plastic counterparts. They are not just cheaper but can be washed easily as well. Most importantly, choose a sturdy crate made for robust use. After all, you wouldn’t want to end up buying dog crates from time to time.

Best Dog Crate for Great Danes

Not all crates are the same. Hence, for utmost comfort, you need to weigh things well before making the final purchasing decision. Below are the top selling crates for Great Danes.

 Pro Select Empire CageMidWest 1548 iCrateMidWest iCrate Double-DoorHeavy Duty Metal Dog Crate
SizeLargeLargeLargeExtra Large
Weight99 pounds40 pounds35 pounds80 pounds

Pro Select Empire Cage

Are you looking for the strongest dog cage in the world? Well, you are just about to find one; the Pro Select Empire cage. If your dog is aggressive and powerful, you will need a cage made of strong steel tubing with stress points built with heavy duty wielding and stout dial door latches. This is made of a ¾ frame from 2 gauge steel, supported by half diameter steel tubes. Hence, it’s the sturdiest dog cage ever made these days. Hence, even dogs that have the ability to chew their way out can’t wreck this cage. This comes with high grade hammertone finish and made to be rust resistant. Included in the package are steel tray, floor grate and removable locking casters that allow mobility.

Excellent constructionHeavy
Stays intact even with the toughest dogs who love to chew their way out

MidWest 1548 iCrate Single-Door Pet Crate

This is a great tool for a home training system which fosters security, safety and comfort to your canine. It comes with rounded corners, secure and safe slide bolt latches, durable electro-coat finish in satin black and a plastic pan which is removable for easy cleaning.

If your pet is still a puppy, this type of dog house will be a good investment. It allows more room as the puppy grows since it is built with a free divider panel. Just make sure that you choose a crate with a size that can accommodate your dog once it grows as an adult. The divider panel can be adjusted according to the length of living area that you puppy needs. The reason why you need to limit the space is to avoid situations where your puppy eliminates and sleeps on both ends.

Has plenty of rooms where dogs can stand and stretchThe door is not 100% secured according to some pet owners
Has sturdy built

MidWest iCrate Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

It is very easy to set up this type of dog cage on a corner, considering its 2 exit doors. Apart from the front door, it also comes with an exit door on the side. Its portable feature makes it very handy for outing activities. You can fold this type of dog case and reduce it to a portable size, just like a suitcase. It also comes with a carrying handle made of plastic which makes it comfortable to move the crate around.

Can easily be folded, making it ideal for an outdoor activityNone so far
Its two exit door makes it more flexible to set up

Extra Large Dog Breed (Great Dane) Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate

If you have the largest breed of dog then better use this one. Breeds of big canines include Mastiffs, Great Danes and St. Bernards. Still, this comes with 2 door configuration (front and side) and comes as a heavy metal fixture. This offers maximum durability to secure large breed dogs safely.

Extra roomCan be hard to set-up but doable
Its 2 doors gives your dog more entry/exit options


Dog crates are not just other trends that you need to have for your dog. They are actually dog essentials that your pet can’t go without. And since there are many of them to choose from, you need to make sure that you choose the one that fits best to your dog’s needs. After all, your dog’s security and comfort matters most.

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