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Last week, I just got a few printable dog food coupons and shared them in my post. In this week, I got another three coupons for dog food and three coupons for cat food. I am willing to paste all my saving weapons here, but I am too busy to do that. In my scheduler, I will share some with you today. In the next week, I will disclose the rest of them. I will try my best to publish them as soon as I can. So you can enjoy these discount before your pet food is running out.

$7.00 Vigor Dry Dog Food Coupons

$7.00 Vigor Dog Food Coupons
I am so excited to share the first dog food coupon with you. The $7.00 promo coupon for Vigor dog food, a product from Halo. This is really a big cut off. If you like it, please click on the above image and print it through your printer. The Vigor dog food has only one dry formula, the Halo Vigor Dog Pork Salmon & Venison. This coupon is only available for this dog formula. Its expiry date is August 15. You can redeem the discount before that date.

$3.00 Holistic Dry Dog Food Coupon

$3.00 Dry Food Coupon August
Last month, I didn’t get Holistic coupons. In this month, I got my coupons email on time. If everything is going well, Holistic should send an email in the middle of each month. The email contains a coupon link which points to an online page. On that page, it provides all available coupons in the week. You can select the one you want. If you are greedy for coupons, you can select all. The only problem is your email will be printed on the coupons as well. Therefore, you can not use mine. Here, I just hang out my coupons with a sample mask, which means it can not be directly printed out and it is invalid to apply for discount. If you want to get the real one, you can leave the reply and I send it to you.

$1.00 Holistic Canned Dog Food Coupon

$1.00 Canned Food Coupon August
This coupon is along with the above one, but for canned dog food. The expiry date for both of them is the same. If you’d like to get it, please leave the reply below with your email.

By the way, Holistic coupons have two versions. These two I show you above are US version. I also get Canadian coupons. The expiry date and discount are the same. When you request the coupons, please indicate which country you are living in and I will give you the right one.

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