It is the end of month again. For most housewife, the last weekend of the month will be the most busy time. Preparing the house consuming goods could be a headache problems, especially for small budgets. If you have dogs in your family, then it could be another problem. Dog food can be fast consuming and very expensive. To save our living cost, we try our best to find the cheapest dog food with good quality and quantity. As my experience, there is one thing can help us save money but we don’t need to compromise our dogs food quality. The answer is printable dog food coupons or dog food promo code. We can take the advantage of them when we are doing shopping in this weekend.

Last month, I share with you some dog food coupons. All of them give me $7.00 discount on my dog food all together. Some of my friends told me they are very helpful on saving their family budgets. I am glad to hear that. In this weekend, I will show your another set of coupons for May and I hope they will play a great role on your cost saving.

The first one will be Halo dog food promo coupons with $7.00 off. This will be a great deal if your dogs like Halo Spot’s Stew dog formula. When you purchase any 28lb Spot Stew dry dog food with this special offer, you can get $7.00 discount. The expiry date of it is May 15, 2014.
$7.00 Halo Spots Stew Coupons

The second special offer is for Fromm dog treats. This one give us one free bag of Fromm dog treat or Free 13 o.z. can. This free dog treats can be great if you want to try it before buying for your lovely dogs. This coupon will expire after May 31, 2014.
Free Fromm Dog Treat Coupon

The last two coupons for May are from Holistic Select dog food, one for dry dog food and one for canned dog food. The coupon for dry dog food is $3.00 discount and the canned one is $1.00 discount. But both of them are only available in email and they have a very short valid period. The expiry date is May 08, 2014.
Holistic Select Dog Food

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