Sometimes I just feel lazy to collect coupons for my dogs. I told myself that there are only several dollars to save, why I have to spend my time to search them. Later, I realize that I just need to spend 1 hour each week, and I can save a lot within one month. If I keep doing it for one year, it will be a hundred of dollars. Therefore, why not just spending a little time and make yourself feel better. To share my happiness with you, I decide to post all coupons I have got for this month. I hope my job can help you save your time and your money.

I got 9 coupons for my dogs for June. But I can only use five out of them, because another four are for Canadian dog owners. So please be careful when you are printing. The first set of coupons are from Holistic Select dog food. A few days ago, Holistic Select release a new serial of Grain free dogs recipes. As we all know, grain free dog foods provide more animal protein and no fillers or grains. But grain free dog foods are also very expensive. To afford this premium dog food, it is necessary to take the advantage of printable coupons. And here are my $3 off coupon and $1 off coupon for Holistic Select dog food. My coupon links are valid through July 2, 2014. They will expire 20 days from the date we print them out.


Other two coupons are from Wellness dog food. As usual, there is one $3 off coupon and one $1 off coupon. The expiry date of them is June 27, 2014.


With above 4 coupons, I already save $8.00 from my dog food. The next coupon will save another $3.00. It is from Prairie, a dog food brand belongs to Nature’s Variety. You can enjoy this discount by clicking and printing it out.

All coupons above are for US dog owners. For Canadian dog owners, please check the following coupons and enjoy the discount.




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