Understanding Your Cat’s Body Gestures and Sounds

Cats love to rub their bodies to you and their standard greetings are often “meow” but do you really understand what all these mean? Remember that if there is anybody who understands your cat better, it must be you. And the trick to decode the cat’s messages is by relating its sound to their body movements. They usually go together when cats attempt to communicate. If you want to know more, may as well read along.

Rubbing Cheeks Against You or To Another Cat

When cats do this they have the deeper intention other than showing their affection. They want to leave their scent or attempt to pick up someone else’s smell so it will be easier for them to make another physical contact next time.

Tail Movement

Do you know that cats show their emotions through their tails? They also send messages using this part of their body. If you think that your furry friend is happy for when it broadly sweeps its tail on the floor while you are patting it, then you are definitely wrong. It means the opposite thing. Your cat is getting annoyed with your excessive patting and you must stop before its tail starts to rapidly sweep back and forth at the center. When this occurs, this just shows that your pet is very much agitated. You may notice your felines to hide their tail between their legs. This signifies that they are set in the mood of complete obedience. Sometimes the tail will also be raised. It shows that your cat is in its friendly mood. But if it twitches its tail, it wants to send a message that it is longing for your company after you have been away for a while.

Body Movements

Cats show signs of defensiveness when they bend their legs. However, if their limbs are outstretched, this means they are showing self-confidence. Once your cat is ashamed, its ears are back and its body is lowered. However, if the cat lowers its head completely to the ground, this means one is getting bored.

Understanding Cat’s Sounds

If you hear your cat uttering a short “meow”, this means one is saying standard cat greetings. However, as the frequency and pitch change, it will convey a totally different message. Once your feline gets too excited one will utter “meow” many times. However, it the tone is in its mid pitch, it means your pet is begging for some food. But a very low pitch is a sign of displeasure or complaint.

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