The Cats Potty Habits

These days, it is very surprising what pet parents can do to train their cats. They can teach them to observe proper hygiene, even to the extent of using a toilet seat! If you want to know how this thing can be possible then may as well read along. And don’t worry; though this is totally different from the usual litter box, it is not intended to cut off your cat’s old toilet habit.

Like humans, cats have habits too. It is important to know them if you are training them for some reason. One of the most common training that cats go through is potty training. Many pet parents of felines opt to use litter trays to keep their home free from stinky odors caused by cat’s waste. However, there is a better way to do it and that is by using a cat toilet training kit.

You can only appreciate the help that these training kits offer if you understand how cats release their wastes. Normally, they would dig dirt, try to make themselves comfortable, move their bowels and cover them up. They will never be satisfied if any of these steps is missing. Hence, if you skip any of these important steps, the training may come out unsuccessful. Toilet training kits meet the following needs of cats.


Its seat comes with litter that serves as a good material for cats to dig. In fact, this part attracts cat, making it easier for them to turn their attention to the toilet seat. Cats will initially play with the litter. Don’t interrupt your cat if she does so. She just needs to feel comfortable staying on this area since this is where she will soon let go of its dirt.


Cats love to bury their waste. This is another habit that they can’t go without. Toilet training kits eventually will be set up with holes at their center where their wastes will be buried forever. This will gradually be introduced so cats will not be so stressed with sudden changes. In fact, if you watch cat toilet training videos, you will notice that cats still scratch the side of the toilet training seat even though their dirt already fell inside the hole. But we can’t do anything about it. Cats are just born digging dirt. And the least that we can do is to allow them to do it even by scratching the lid of the toilet bowl.

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