Complete Cat Toilet Training Guide: How Toilet Training Kit Works

If you haven’t seen a cat seated on a toilet bowl, you may think that training a cat to use this fixture the way humans do is quite insane. Think of the possibility of dropping itself in the bowl. It may sound funny but the size of your cat can be so tiny compared to the bowl’s rim. It can even be dangerous if you have a sensor operated flush.

Fortunately, we can now use a cat toilet training kit. This helps pet parents find comfort in allowing their precious furry friend to sit on their bowl. Expect the toilet training to take a long time. However, your effort will all be rewarded in the end if you finally see your cat sharing its toilet bowl with you. You may wonder how this toilet training kit works. The trick is on how the training seat is used. Below are the suggested ways that you can do when using the training seat.

First Step

Don’t worry about the thought of endangering your cat’s life since training kits are designed to allow smooth transition from a potty tray to a toilet bowl. In fact, a training seat will provide that looks similar to a potty tray. This will be placed in between the bowl’s rim and the lower lid. It will completely block the bowl’s hole and is filled with litter to attract your cat. In fact, their initial reaction will be to play with the litter by digging a hole on it and use it as their potty tray. This will remain on this condition for one week.

Second Step

On the second week, you are expected to cut a small hole in the center of the training seat. This will serve as an opening where your cat’s waste will pass through to get into the toilet’s water. You will only need to remove each ring gradually, staring with the smallest hole so the cat will get used to its sight. The hole will be widened as more and more rings are removed. Expect your cat to adjust to the widening hole as well until it no longer needs the training seat and knows how to move its bowels while standing on the seat for support.

Last Step

When you notice that your cat has learned to stand on the toilet seat to support one’s self then this means you can now wean her from her training seat. You can then remove it and allow your precious feline to use your toilet bowl without the need to setup its training seat.

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