Complete Cat Toilet Training Guide: First 2 Weeks

It may be nice to have a cuddly cat in your home. However, you will hate cleaning up its mess from time to time. Even using a litter pan requires you to empty it up every 2-3 days. This can be a very dirty job for you. The good news is, you can now train your cat to use a toilet seat. Yes, like your little kids, they can be toilet trained too!

There are commercial toilet training kits that are specially prepared for cats. And you can avail them in affordable prices. After getting your cat toilet training kit, you can start off as soon as it reaches 3 months. From a potty tray, you can slowly make the transition to a toilet seat. However, this will require a lot of your patience since it is not just an overnight event. It will take months before cats will finally perfect the skill of using a toilet seat.

On the first week, you will need to move its potty tray inside your comfort room. This orients your cat and letting it know where it can move its bowels. Make sure that you still provide utmost comfort to your cat along the process. Remember that even moving its litter box can result to cat’s anxiety. This can hinder the progress of your cat’s toilet training.

On the second week, you can start using a training seat on top of your bowl with a flushable cat litter. Your cat will initially play with it so just let her do so. This will still look like a litter box except that it is raised this time. But since it still looks like a litter box and it is located where its potty tray used to be, the cat will sense the idea that this must be where it should let go of its waste.

Remember that results of such training can vary from one cat to another. Though some may finally grasp the idea that one has to give it a go on a toilet seat in just two weeks, others may still need a longer time. Hence, pet parents must be patient enough to wait until one’s pet develops the skill. You have to understand that cats are like humans too and sometimes some of them are hesitant to changes. However, no matter how long this may take, rest assured that your effort will all be rewarded in no time.

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