Complete Cat toilet Training Guide: Cats Use Toilet Seats

After cleaning potty trays for years, you may wonder if cats can develop the skill of using toilet seats like humans do. If this can be possible, you can finally be free from the least wanted task of cleaning their potty trays. But how can this be done? Well, the idea may sound impossible to you but animal behaviorist and veterinarians came up with a product that can help you. This product is called a cat toilet training kit. There are 2 things needed to be present to make the toilet training successful.


You need to know that cats are territorial by nature. This means they know their place and have designated areas in mind where they sleep and poo. In the first 3 months of their lives, they can be trained to use a potty tray. This comes with a litter that makes it easy for you to clean your cat’s mess every 2-3 days. When the cat reaches 3 months old, you can make necessary transition from a litter box to a toilet bowl. But make sure that you do not do this abruptly. Doing so can be very stressful to your cat. On the first week of training, place its litter box inside your washroom or comfort room. Allow your cat to poo inside this room for a week. Again, familiarity of such place is very important. Now that you have successfully sent the message that the comfort room is the right place to let go, you can start using a toilet training seat for your cat by removing the potty tray and replacing it with a toilet training seat. It still looks like a litter box so it still appears familiar to your feline. You need to use litter initially so the cat can dig a hole on it and bury its dirt. Gradually, you can create a hole on it until you eventually remove the litter and your cat can still move its bowel without it.


Changing the cat’s usual toilet training habit can be stressful. They will wonder why you have moved its potty tray to the washroom and eventually put in on top of your bowl. Hence, better make sure that you still assure that your cat will not be deprived of its comfort zone. So make the entire process as gentle and comfortable as possible. After all, this is what your cat needs to make a successful transition from a litter box to a toilet seat.

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