Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box Reviews

Are you already getting tired of scooping the smelly waste everyday? Well, you don’t have to bear the smell any more as the Omega Paw Self Cleaning cat litter box will do all the work for you. You can easily dispose your cat’s wastes without having to bend down and scoop the clump of waste. The Omega Paw Self Cleaning cat litter box can be cleaned just by simply rolling the box, removing the disposal tray, and throwing away the waste. This litter box is also paired with a paw cleaning litter mat that will keep your cat’s paws clean after dumping its waste.


The Omega Paw is specially designed with a patented internal grill system that conveniently allows the waste straight into the pullout tray. It is also securely covered to prevent the musty odor and dust from escaping the litter box. When compared to other automatic cleaning litter boxes, Omega Paw is far cheaper and it can clean waste more efficiently.

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This litter box is actually made up with two parts and divided by a built in screen to segregate the waste from the clean litter. The lower part of the litter box is where the litter tray is located and just like your normal cat litter box, you can fill it with at least a few inches of litter. Make sure that you choose the litter that clumps well. The Omega Paw Self Cleaning cat litter box has a doorway where your cat can enter and then dumps its waste inside. It is designed to accommodate the movements of your cats. Your cat can have enough room inside so it can comfortably dump its waste. The entire box is well covered in order to prevent the smell and litter from going out of the box, especially for cats who love to dig the litter box.

When you clean up and collect the wastes of your cat, all you need to do is to simply roll the box and the clumped waste will just go straight to the waste collection tray of the box. The internal grill inside the litter box works like a filter to separate the clean litter from the waste. Once the waste is in the collection bin, you just need to remove the tray and dispose its contents into your waste bag.

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The Omega Paw Self Cleaning cat litter box is available in both small and large sizes so you can find the one which your cat can fit in. By using this smart cat litter box, you can actually save a lot more money from buying filters, liners and scoops.

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