Complete Cat Toilet Training Guide: Helping Cats Familiarize the Hole

Are you planning to level up in your cat’s potty training? Well, you need to know that your cat can use your toilet bowl too. However, it needs a lot of effort and patience before you can transform your pet to an animal that uses comfort rooms like humans do. And most of the help will come from you.

Don’t worry since you will not be left on your own when planning all the details. In fact, there is a proven method that you can follow. Many cat owners taught their felines to use a toilet bowl with the cat toilet training kit. Hence, you don’t have to formulate your own steps to train your furry friend to use a toilet bowl. This kit is completely with all the tools to help you train your cats.

The principle behind this toilet training kit is to help cats develop a new skill gradually through familiarization. At the beginning, it appears like a potty tray placed on top of the toilet bowl. You cats will never know that this will lead them into handling a new toileting way. Eventually, you will need to create a small hole on the center of the tray where cats will drop down their wastes. And because they have been used to move their bowels in this area, they will care less about the small hole that appears. You will then gradually increase the size of the hole as your cat gets used to the sight. But remember, this has to be done slowly. It may even take weeks to let them get use to the size of the hole before you add up to its size. Besides, you need to always remember the golden rule: “abrupt changes may disrupt the progress of your cat’s toileting”.

You may ask when will be the best time to remove the toilet training tray. Well, you may still need this to hold a few litters for your cat to scratch. However, if your pet has been very well adjusted to the sight of a huge hole, and does not mind whether there are any litters to scratch on, then this may mean that your precious furry friend is ready to use the toilet bowl in the absence of a toilet training tray.

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