Complete Cat Toilet Training Guide: Caters to Normal Cat Instinct

Let’s face it, we can’t force cats to bid goodbye to their normal cat instinct. This can be terrible and definitely stressful on their part. This is true even when it comes to their potty training. You can’t expect your new fury friend to be looking for a comfort room once it has the urge to move its bowels. You need to help him learn the skill on how to do it. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be so tough as you may think it would be. If other pet owners successfully trained their felines to sit on the toilet bowl then so can you!

Now that you finally decided to give it a go and start toilet training your cat, you may wonder where you will start. Well, you can use a cat toilet training kit. You need to know that animal behaviorist and veterinarians designed it so it will cater to cat instinct and will make the transition from a litter to a toilet bowl less stressful. Below are some of the features that will show how this fixture resembles the usual potty tray that cats use.

It Comes with a Litter

Cats will surely refuse to poo on a toilet bowl right away. Aside from the fact that is more elevated compared to a potty tray, it has no litter that cats can dig as well. However, toilet training kits are designed in such a way that you can put litter at the center of the fixture. Hence, when they see that it has something that they can dig and hide their dirt, they will surely use it to let go of their waste. We know that cats are clean animals and they don’t want their nasty dirt to just lie around. Hence, they only start to let go after digging a hole so they can bury it right after. And they can do all these when they are using a toilet training seat.

It Comes with a Hole

The training seat is devoid of any hole at the start. However, pet owners will start cutting a small one at the center on the second week to give the cat an idea where its wastes go. Hence, they will not end up digging the litter, looking for something that is no longer there. Once they are finally convinced that that waste has been flushed inside the hole, they will get used to it until such time that they can understand that there’s no need to bury them in a pile of litter at all.

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