Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box Reviews

Cats are simply adorable. However, it can be so hard to deal with their waste. But as a pet owner who loves felines so much, such challenge is always acceptable. There is a better way to deal with such problem other than putting a litter boxes in the kitchen. Catgenie Self Washing Litter Box is the way. It relies on the advance technology washing itself. Hence, there’s no need to clean your cat litter using your bare hands. After all, there is a more sanitary way to do it.

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Act Like a Cat Box

Just like a normal cat box, it comes with granules that allow your fury friend to dig and cover as it goes. But the difference is; these granules are designed to be permanent. Hence, there’s no need to spend to change them from time to time. Meanwhile, these granules are very easy to manage since they never make wastes as well. Hence, using this technology as an alternative to cat litter box will give you much of the advantage.
Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box

Work Like an Appliance

Because the Catgenie Self Washing Litter Box is designed like an appliance, you can pre-set it to start automatically. Hence, you can get rid of your cat’s waste without any effort on your part. Whenever your cat goes, its wastes will drain through the washable granules, reaching a reservoir designed with an odor killing sunny solution.

Flush Like a Toilet

You may ask what happens to your cat’s solid wastes. Well, the Genie hand will do the rest of the scooping work for you. It takes the solid waste and dumps it to the hopper. In this area, sunny solutions and water mix with the solid wastes. This becomes liquefied which will ultimately be flushed out of your home for the needed treatment. As it do so, a fresh water and cat-safe sanitizing solution wash and purify the granules. The basin and the Genie hand will work together to agitate as well as scrub the washable granules. This helps get rid of the odors and germs found therein while softening remaining waste as the same time. While the Genie hand sifts the granules, the hot air blower that air rates the granules will allow them to dry completely. This prepares the area to provide comfort to your precious feline.

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Why Do I Choose Gatgenie

There are many good reasons why you need to furnish a Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box for your furry friend. For one, it is your way of showing how much you care for your pet. After all, this is the most sanitary way to handle their wastes. But more than that, it saves you from spending more than you should, working as a great money saver over time. This is because you never need to buy replacement for the cat litter granules ever again. Spend more cuddly moments with your furry friend. Surely, Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box’s will always keep your pet fresh and clean all the time, ready to be hugged and loved by you.

Installation Procedure

If you are placing the Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box in a bathroom, you will need to attach a T-Adaptor to a cold water supply line coming from the toilet or sink. This time, screw on the Catgenie Water Hose. You will then need to place the drain hose over the toilet rim. If you are placing this in your laundry room, you will need to attach the larger T connector to the cold water supply line where you will connect the Catgenie Water Hose. On the other hand, the Catgenie drain hose must be placed in the laundry waste drain. Once all these are done, your precious furry friend can now enjoy a sanitary cat box ever introduced in the market these days. And you as its pet owner will have the peace of mind that you deserve.

The Best Place to Put Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box

To use this, you need to find an area where you can place the Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box. This can be your powder room, bathroom, laundry area or utility room. This will require enough space. Its exact dimension is 17 inches at the back, 19 inches wide in front, 24 inches in width and 21 inches in length. Hence, make sure that the place where you plan to put it is enough to cover this area. Of course, you will need to usher your furry friend to its new toilet. Hence, you will need to toilet train your cat so it gets the idea that one has to let go of its old cat litter box and use the Catgenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box instead. The entire training process can never be done overnight. However, with patience and persistence, your cat will ultimately be trained how to dump its wastes properly.

Its Price

On the Catgenie official website, the package price is $249.00. But as an experienced customer, who will buy stuff on official website. In US, we can always find the cheaper price on When I am writing this article, it is $235.50 with free shipping on It may get cheaper already when you read this article.

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