Cat Toilet Training Kit Brands: Citikitty vs Litter Kwitter

These days, many pet owners opt to have a cat than a dog. This is simply because felines are known to be clean animals. This is important since we want pets that can take care of themselves. Cats are taught since they were kittens to keep their area clean. Their moms know that this is the best way to keep themselves safe from infections and predators. Hence, their toilet has to be away from their nest. Moreover, they don’t just poo away from their home but they make sure to hide this from other’s sight. This is done by digging loose soft dirt and a hole where they can put their mess. And they make sure that they cover it up right after. And such training is initiated by their mothers since they were young. Hence, it will be easier to introduce a litter tray to kittens when the appropriate time arrives. That is why it is easier to toilet train a cat since they are by nature more “civilized” than dogs when it comes to this matter.

Why Some Cats Poo Everywhere

Some pet owners are finding a hard time dealing with the issues on their cat leaving their nasty waste around the house. Sometimes, you may perceive this as a naughty behavior and punish your cat to send a message that such unfavorable attitude has to be stopped. Unfortunately, such approach wouldn’t help. In fact, it may make the problem even worse. If your toilet trained cat starts to poo around and it is in good health then it only means it is presenting a deliberate act called “maddening”. It requires urgent attention and gentle intervention before it’s too late. By being complacent on such situation, maddening can become a hard behavior that is difficult to break. Such behavior results from the cat’s anxiety or distress. It can happen in the presence of a threat or when they feel that they are not secured. Your initial step to solve the problem is trying to figure out what is causing the cat’s anxiety. Perhaps, your furry friend feels insecure when stray cats get into your cat flaps. Hence, one will leave its marker using their nasty dirt everywhere to show ownership of their territory to other cats. Maybe your cat is too afraid to be left for very long hours and experiences separation anxiety. And perhaps this happens because you have a new cat (or baby) in your home.

What’s the Best Cat Toilet Training Kit Brand?

If you are a new pet parent of a cat, the first thing that comes to your mind is on how to toilet train your newly found friend. Fortunately, you can now get the help that you need through a cat toilet training kit. This product is designed to mimic the usual potty area of felines, making the transition smooth from a potty tray to toilet seat. Hence, there’s no need to use litter box this time since cats can now use comfort rooms too!

The word “best” can be very subjective. Hence, what seems to be best to someone may not be the best for you. So, better list down your cat’s needs so you can be certain that you are choosing the right product. Below are the 2 leading toilet training kit brands today.

CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit

If your budget is tight, this product is the right one for you. This is on sale in Amazon at a cost of $29.99. And if your order is above $35.00, you can also avail of their free shipment offer. What I like about this kit is the fact that it is ideal for all cat ages. Hence, whether I adopt an older cat or toilet train its 3 month old felines, this kit will still be perfect to use. And its flexible size that fits any size of toilet is an added bonus. I don’t find hard using this for my cat too with its training seat and insert, tip card, guide and catnip. If you visit Amazon, try going through CitiKitty customer reviews. Most of these have perfect 5 start customer rating which only shows how good this product is for your pet.

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Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training Kit

What I like about this brand is its instructional DVD. Hence, studying on how this product works can be done with ease. This may be expensive than Citikitty but you can still get it at $10.00 discount from Amazon store at a price of $49.95. This is offered with free shipment as well. It is interesting to note that it comes with a guarantee that your cat will ultimately develop the skill to use the toilet in just 8 weeks! In fact, your home can be free from your cat’s nasty mess in less than 2 months. Its seat has a standard size too so you need not worry about getting the right size. Toilet training can only be best when you know the cat’s natural instinct. Hence, Litter Kwitter manufacturer employs animal behaviorists, cat breeders and vets to design their toilet training kit. If you check customer reviews in Amazon, you can find extreme customer ratings on this product. Some gave a perfect 5 star score while others only gave as little as one star. Well, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. And though others may feel that this kit is just a waste of money, many acclaimed it to be what they exactly need for their pets.

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