Automatic Litter Box Reviews CatGenie vs ScoopFree

Unlike dogs, it is required to put a little more effort to teach cats the proper way to dispose of their wastes. Cats will never give a signal when they are about to get rid of their wastes. Some observant pet owners can see that cats will eventually have their favorite spot. A cat litter box with great odor control cat litter granules can be the place. But clean cat litter box could be a headache problem.

Lucky, there are several automatic litter boxes which can help you get rid of these pain. You will no longer have to manually scoop clumped wastes and filter the clean litter. Automatic cat litter boxes are featured to do these dirty jobs for you automatically. An automatic litter box is a great tool to organize and keep your cat litter. Aside from this purpose, they are built to self manage the disposal or segregation of cat wastes from clean litter. Some brands offer some advanced capabilities such as eliminating foul odor, etc.

Automatic litter boxes don’t require the owner to scoop, separate, touch, or manage wastes of their pet cats. They have become very much popular due to a number of capabilities and features.

  • All processes are handled and operated by built-in software
  • Capable of separating wastes materials
  • Capable of eliminating unwanted odors
  • Flushing cat poop out into the toilet water line
  • Highly absorbent
  • Dustless
  • Anti-bacterial

CatGenie Self Washing Cat Litter Box

CatGenie Self Washing cat litter box is smart and efficient. It will help you solve most of your cat waste disposal issues. This automatic cat litter box is capable of cleaning itself and flushing the litter out of the litter box. It is a great relief for cat owners who are tired of bearing the smell while they stoop down and scoop their cat’s waste manually. Most of the veterinarians are recommending CatGenie Self Washing cat litter box to all those people who want to make the cleaning of their cat’s waste easier, faster and with no ugly smell.

CatGenie Self Washing cat litter box uses environment friendly and biodegradable materials that won’t cause any risks both on your cat and the environment. Cleaning is a breeze with the built in Sani-solution cartridge installed inside. Your cat can still enjoy digging and covering its waste by the granules placed inside the litter box. These granules are not like the cat litter in normal litter boxes. These granules are washable so you don’t need to change or refill it.

To install CatGenie Self Washing cat litter box is very simple. You just need to simply connect it to a water hose and plug it to an electric outlet. You can set different modes for cleaning, either manually activate it or set it on automatic. Once your cats finish their job, the solid waste is scooped by the GenieHand built-in the litter box. It is then liquefied and flushed out from the litter box. The SaniSolution and water will fill-up the basin. Then the GenieHand will clean and sanitize the basin of the litter box including the granules. It will be dried using the blower so it will be ready for your cat’s next use.

The SaniSolution is proven safe for cats. This helps keep the cat litter box clean and free from any bad odors. When using this automatic cat litter box, make sure that all the piping doesn’t have any leaks especially the one used for flushing out the liquefied waste from the litter box to your toilet or drain.

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Essential ScoopFree Cat Litter Box

ScoopFree specializes in creating automatic litter boxes for cat owners. It offers several different styles of self-cleaning automatic litter boxes for cat owners to choose from.

The ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a 27 3/8 inch x 19 inch automatic litter box with an optional privacy head. Other features include an adjustable rake delay and a health counter, which are designed to improve the experience of that cat and cat owner using the box. The ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter box uses disposable litter trays which are pre-filled with litter which greatly reduce odor and mess clean-up. Its innovative design and easy-to-use interface make it ideal for cat owners who want a fuss-free automatic litter box. Many cat owners note that the tray can be left alone for up to a month without needing to be emptied.

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The ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter box features a no-touch automatic ability which scoops solid waste into an easily disposable tray. Like other ScoopFree products, it has an innovative design which customers hail as reliable, workable and very efficient. The ScoopFree SelfCleaning Litter box is ideal for cat owners who want an automatic litter box at a lower price.

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