Get Free Blue Litter Coupons in Monthly Event

If you are using blue cat litter for its incredible odor control and excellent absorption, I cannot miss the blue coupons. Today, I will tell you how to get cat litter coupons from Blue every month. Currently, Blue holds a event called “The Fresh Scoop”. It is specially designed for cat owners who are crazy about coupons. People joined this event will have a chance to win free litter in monthly lucky draw.

In Blue fresh scoop event, there is one winner in every month. The winner will win a 3-month supply of blue litter. And the blue cat litter coupons will be delivered right to email inbox. The register process is very simple. It will only take less than 1 minute. Here is the register form to join Blue fresh scoop free coupon event.

In the register form page, you can fill in your first name, last name, email address and the cat litter brand you were using before. After submitting the form, you are automatically eligible for the monthly litter drawings as well as valuable coupons on blue cat litter.

Blue Naturally Fresh cat litter is made with walnut shells. Hence, it has super powerful odor control and absorption capacity. With blue cat litter coupon, we can enjoy the discount for all blue cat litter products, including quick clumping formula, multi cat formula, non-clumping Pellet cat litter formula, Scented Multi-Cat formula and Herbal attraction formula.

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