9 Best Low Fat Low Calorie Canned Wet Cat Food For Weight Control

Has your cat been gaining some extra unhealthy weight lately? The first step is to cut back on his feed intake. If that leaves your feline friend meowing and pretending he’s starving, you should try a low-calorie food to help satiate him while still controlling his weight. Rather than taking a company’s word that their food will help your pet lose weight, take a look at the nutritional information to see if the food is worth it. Some pet food companies try to trick you into thinking they’ll help you lose weight just like human food manufacturers, so be careful!

Wellness Core Grain Free Indoor Formula

Wellness core grain free indoor formula has 148 kilocalories (kcal) per can and is a grain-free choice with more fiber which helps your cat feel full for a longer period of time after eating. This food also offers cranberries which may help with urinary and immune system health.

Canidae Life Stages Indoor Canned Cat Food

Canidae indoor formula cat food has 172 kcal in a 5.5 ounce can. It lacks wheat, fillers, hormones, and artificial colors, preservatives, and flavors to help the diet remain more natural.

Natural Ultramix Indoor Cat Food

Natural Ultramix Indoor Cat Food Chicken & Vegetables Stew has less fat and more L-carnitine than other selections by this brand. The lower fat and higher L-carnitine help create a lean body, and the 81kcal per can helps cut calories as well. It is important to note that although the calorie count for this food is far lower than choice 1 and 2, this company also recommends feeding more cans of food than the first couple choices.

Fromm Chicken & Salmon Pate

Fromm Chicken & Salmon Pate for cats has 125 kcal per 5.5 oz. can. You’ll appreciate the short, uncomplicated ingredients list and lack of by-products.

Instinct Grain Free Healthy Weight Chicken Formula

Instinct grain free weight control cat food has 83 kcal per 3 oz. can, or 151 kcal per 5.5 oz can. This gluten-free food has antioxidants for immune health. What truly sets this brand apart from the rest is the part on their website where you can enter information about your cat and have it calculate the exact amount of food recommended for your cat’s needs. It’s nice to see a company tailor a product so well to the clients!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Weight & Mature Care Wet Cat Food

Chicken Soup for the Soul wet cat food has 148 kcal per 5.5 oz. can. This food doesn’t have as simple of an ingredient list as some of the other products on this list, but offers fruits and vegetables with vitamins that offer support for a healthy body.

Friskies Classic Pate Chicken Dinner Indoor Cat Food

Friskies Indoor cat food doesn’t list the calorie content of the food on their website, but it does claim that it promotes healthy weight and hairball control.

Merrick Before Grain Low Calorie Cat Food Beef Recipe

Merrick low calorie cat food boasts that this diet is grain free with 96% meat, which is now balanced to be a complete diet. According to their website, a 3.2 oz. can has 76 kcal of metabolizable energy. For comparison, if this were a 5.5 oz can like many of the others on here, it would contain about 130 kcal.

Natural Balance Reduced Calorie Cat Formula

Natural Balance reduced calorie cat food is 99 kcal per 3 oz. can, which comparatively is about 182 calories for a 5.5 oz. can. This food is gluten free with antioxidants, and has 15% less calories than the original formula.

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